I went to the local Science Center during Star Wars night and had a demo set up where people could come and drive the robot around remotely via WIFI.  The robot was never really designed to be “tall.” However, it seems people walking in crowd had difficulty seeing a robot that was so low to the ground. Some comments were: “You may need a flag on it” and “Look at that tiny robot!” I have already started looking for a solution and have made a few drawings in a attempt to learn from this. Also, I’m having a ZED Stereo Camera as an HD depth sensor donated to the project. I will need to get the camera up at least 1 meter off the ground if I expect any usable depth data from directly in front of the robot. I have started the first major design revision. Although it blows the budget a bit, I ordered 20mm extruded aluminum, a IMU, a voltage/current sensor and a 10 inch embedded IPS panel from Adafruit electronics. The extra cost put the robot up to 2K USD, which I suppose is still low cost for a robot with these kind of features.

Below is some concept art of the robot’s new direction. I’m planning on going to the 2015 Kansas city Maker Faire at the end of June so it should be all squared away by then.



























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