Construction date: When funds are availableThe following toolbox 3

Cost: 700 dollars~

Time to build: 3 months estimated

Status: Design phase


Brief Description:


The following project is a robot that can follow a person with a 14inch metal toolbox in tow. This is to show the practical use and power of a Pixy sensor module. The following toolbox robot will track color codes that are presented on a lightweight “tool belt.” When the wearer puts on the belt, the robot will see the color codes and follow the person around. When the user stops and turns around to grab a tool the robot will freeze. Using a waving motion of the hand the toolbox will open with a internal servo. The robot will have a light, but powerful battery to last a long time and have an associated quick charger. The robot will have additional IR sensors for cliff detection and obstacle avoidance. The front IR will use a scanning motor or servo to achieve the desired outcome. This robot will help teach people that there is always new ways to apply robotics to daily activities and showcase the benefits of 3D printing.


Design Details:


The base will be made out of metal and I will be donating a precut aluminum base. The base will contain a 10-15Ah battery for long run time and be about 12volts nominal. The head unit will contain two servos with Karbonite gears that will track the user efficiently. The head is mounted on a extruded aluminum piece to give it the needed height to track the color coded belt. I have contained the battery and motor controller electronics in a laser cut housing so that the robot will need minimal cleaning and can take daily abuse of dust and items dropping onto it.


I will be designing the wheels so they can be 3D printed with PLA/ABS and NinjaFlex. This will keep the overall cost down on future wheel replacement as you can just print another.


Most of the head will contain 3D printed internal framing and a outside aluminum casing for durability and looks. The battery box will have vents for cooling and a clear plastic window to see internal mechanicals. Plus it looks really clean 🙂

The tool box will contain a wide variety of tools that the extraordinary Maker can use.

The following toolbox









The following toolbox close



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