The Truly ReMarkable Tablet

Finding that perfect device that you won’t leave your home without is challenging. I have many needs in my daily routine that no single device could offer. Well until now… Introducing the Remarkable tablet. Basically it is a large E-Ink tablet that you can write, sketch, and read on. I have been following the tablet since it’s introduction and ever popular crowd funding campaign. I finally took a chance and purchased one. I ended up paying 500 USD shipped for the tablet, pen, charging cable, and extra nibs. But before you cast doubt on the price read ahead for what it offers in return.

Quick Specs:

  • Size – 177 x 256 x 6.7mm (6.9 x 10.1 x.26 inches)
  • The ReMarkable weighs only 12.6oz  or 0.78 pounds
  • 3000mAh internal lithium battery
  • 10.3” monochrome digital paper display (no colors)
  • 1872×1404 resolution (226 DPI)
  • Partially powered by E-ink Carta technology
  • Multi-point capacitive touch
  • Pen has both 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity and 512 levels of tilt
  • Pen also draws power inductively from the surface of the tablet (no need to charge the pen separately)
  • The surface of the tablet and pen are made to have a paper like feel and sound

To be honest I’m biased already about the tablet as it fits perfectly in a niche of my productive life. Some may not feel the same so If you are use to a completely bug free software experience or a vast array of apps, it may not be a good choice for you. Speaking about the software they did have a recent update to the device on January 16th of 2018. It brought a refinement of features and mostly improved WiFi and battery management. Click here if you want the full list of updates.

Pros -

  • Lightweight only 12.6 oz or 0.78 pounds
  • Extra long battery life (Last for days depending on usage)
  • Easy to read in full sun
  • Almost zero lag with pen input
  • Easy to read text for documents and E-books
  • Sharp display compared to other E-Ink devices
  • No need to charge pen

Cons -

  • Software is lacking features
  • The CPU seems slightly under powered however this is also why it has such a great battery life.
  • You have to adapt your drawing style to the tablet or at least be flexible working with it.
  • The screen is easier to scratch then glass as its plastic.

Who Would be the Best Fit? –

If you are a concept artist, Maker, entrepreneur, or like hand writing notes I recommend this as a viable choice to easily digitize your work. However it may be at this point still a luxury tablet that may be out of reach of the mass market. I believe in the next few years a tablet similar to this will emerge in the 300-400 dollar range however the team at ReMarkable have provided a solid piece of technology out the door for a rather new company.

I found the most helpful thing to be the lack of distractions the device has. There is no app, ring, buzz or notification always destracting you from what you are working on at that time. Because of this I have a more laser focus on the task at hand and seem to achieve my set goal quicker, be it sketching, reading, or marking up a document for later revising.


My friend Brian spent about 10 minutes on the tablet and quick sketched a game character.

Tips on using the Remarkable –


Negative Art -

I found I wanted to try a all back background image and use the available tools to scratch art into it. At first I will admit I colored the background all black with the paintbrush tool. I did however find a much easier solution of importing a PDF file that was already blacked out onto the tablet as a template. Click here for the PDF at native resolution.

Create your custom file/folder system -

It is much easier to create a folders and names on the desktop first and have it sync with the tablet. Once a folder is made you can select one or multiple files and move them to a existing folder by ensuring you are where you want the final notebook, sketch, or E-book to be. This will save you time and allow you to do regular upkeep to the system directly on the device.


I hope the information provided here helps others make a more informative choice about the purchase of the tablet. And if you have any questions feel free to send a email are way. Contact page

Tool Interface

I also found it helpful to add a tool interface cheat sheet PDF file on the device however I’m quickly adapting to the icons so I don’t use it much anymore. But for those that may have a harder time I made a copy. Click here for a PDF copy of the tool interface

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