Construction date: October ‎24, ‎2011

Cost: ~10.00 dollarsDSC03783

Time to build: 1 hour

Status: Completed

This lamp was created to both try a hand at electronic art and also surface mount soldering.  The design was kept to a bare minimum.  The base was made into a functional piece creating the paths for the dc voltage to power the super bright LED lights that make up the lamp.

The design includes some neat features including a hot plug able regulator slot and large 4700uf capacitor for easier start and shutdown of dc power flow to the LED’s.

Construction details:

The regulator was bonded to a scrap PC heat sink with thermal epoxy.  The two central booms are copper from old home wiring that I striped the insulation from.  To make the ping pong parts the LED’s were first defused by roughing the outside with 100 grit sandpaper.  Holes were then drilled and the LED’s were glued into the ping pongs with a general purpose adhesive.  The surface mount components were soldered right to the regulators base pins to add decoupling capacitors and a power led.  To complete the circuit a standard nine volt battery and a toggle switch was added.


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