Construction date: When funds are available

Cost: ~7,000-8,000.00 dollars

Time to build: Unknown

Status: Design phase

*Hardware design update 6/3/2015*

I have been very successful using the Tegra K1 processor from Nvidia. I have come to the decision that I will continue my line of droids using the Nvidia series chips. Have a multi chip design of the current series X1 or future chips will be used in the final design of the robot. I have also updated many of the electronics and base sensors in the Excel part list.


The links below will also take you to some pages that go deeper into the design of the robot.

Concept Drawings of Sophie

Details of the Design

*New* updated 6/30/2014

This will be the upcoming page of all the the news and updates for a project to create an affordable home care robot for everyone.  Below is some teaser pictures of the robot in the development phase.  The design is still under heavy development.

Below is the parts list for the current design. However, this will change as the design evolves and new products are available.

Parts list Excel Document


aspect base

This is a mock up of the full size robot.

Sophie internal

This is a current Google sketch up of the robots internal frame and inner workings


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