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555 Timer Badge Kit



Development Completed… Ramping up production

This 555 SMT kit will allow you to learn how to solder surface mount (SMT) parts to a board and have a flashing wearable LED badge after you complete it. A easy to follow how-to guide is available here. (Link)



Out of stock


Here is a link to a how to guide to complete the kit: Link

Kit contains all the components needed to complete a blinking badge:

  1. Low voltage 555 timer 8 pin SOC
  2. 2x 100ohm resistors
  3. 1k resistor
  4. 100k resistor
  5. 22uF capacitor
  6. 10uF capacitor
  7. 2x green super bright LED’s (Light Emitting diodes)
  8. Badge PCB
  9. Brass Clutch Back Clasps/pin
  10. 3volt lithium coin cell battery CR1220
  11. Surface mount battery holder
  12. Power switch

Tools Required:

  1. A soldering iron
  2. ESD tweezers
  3. Solder
  4. Desoldering braid

Optional equipment:

  1. A flux pen
  2. A PCB vise
  3. Low power binocular microscope




Development notes archive…

New News: The new prototype boards are working great and only need final text revisions.

Old News: Before the the badge needed low voltage 555 timers to work properly. I’m also dropped one of the LED’s and we just having two on the board. After looking over the prototype board I made a lot of changes to the board in Eagle.