Plant Life Shield

The shield is designed as a teaching tool for students to learn about the biology of plant growth. It is designed on a standard Arduino shield layout and is compatible with the Arduino open source micro controller.

More info will be available on development as it progresses.

Prototype PCB design, layout will change

Current feature list: *subject to change

  1. Built in Monochrome 128×64 I2C OLED graphic display
  2. A accurate temperature sensor
  3. Humidity sensor
  4. lux (light) sensor
  5. A RTC module with battery back up
  6. Built in micro SD card slot to log data from micro controller.
  7. 12 volt relay to control a water pump, (or any other 12 volt device)
  8. A port for PC fan control
  9. On board buzzer
  10. Clear on-board labeling
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