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1/1/2019 – Updated the recommended reading list, lots of great books on electronics and robotics (Link)

12/20/2018 – Updated main page and added a newer design to Sophie the robot maid (link

12/15/2018 – Added page for the development of the hybrid soft actuator (Link)

12/4/2018 – Updated many pages of website including the main homepage, tutorials, links, and reading list.  Added the plant life shield prototype information page (Link)

2/12/2018 – We are looking to release a STEM based plant monitoring kit/shield this year, it will plug into a Arduino UNO and have on-board sensors for monitoring the plants environment. We are also developing a new series of IoT processors that will be geared to STEM Education/Makers that want a more finished and refined look. A few pages will be created to cover the initial designs and offer a glimpse into some of the R&D we do in the electronics lab.

1/28/2018 – Second Robotics is in talks with Farnell element14 (a rather large electronics manufacture) on forming a partnership to release an up and coming STEM based kit. The kit/board is still in the the early stages of development and we will be releasing much more details in the coming months.

1/25/2018 – Added 5 new in-stock products to the shop!

1/22/2018 – We are still here! In the background I have been working to gather capital funds to both fill out the shop and dive deep into a very interesting (but secret product). More to come but for now I have been spending some time building a working Doctor Who K9 for my lovely wife. Head over to the official Twitter account to check out a picture of the progress.

11/1/2017 – Updated code for Robot Core v1.2, It fixes various I²C errors and allows the servo settings to be saved on restart. –Drivers and Libraries

8/30/2017 – Second Robotics web store is open!

8/11/2017 – Made significant changes to the Robot Core v1.2 support page

8/8/2017  – Added the following page:

7/29/2017 – We have started to ship out Robot Core v1.2 Kickstarter rewards.

3/13/2017 – Added the following pages:

2/17/2017 – We just launched the Robot Core v1.2 on Kickstarter! Here is a link. Please help by donating or spreading the word.

2/3/2017 – We have added a store to the site and a few products to start off with. At the moment they are currently all out of stock, however, you are welcome to have a look at the descriptions and resources already available on the products page

Pixy-bot v2.3

1/28/2017 – We have completed phase one of the website overhaul. This is to align the website away from a personal blog to a more business/formal look. Please take the time to look around and enjoy the new site! We also added Contact Us and updated About Us

1/25/2017 – We finished up Pixy-bots version 2.3. The robot has many new features including a upgraded laser cut chassis, deans power connectors, pan/tilt head, and IR cliff detection in the front. Here is a short clip of the robot in action: Enjoy! (Link)

Second Robotics has many useful designs on Thingiverse to 3D print! Check them out here (Link)



If you have any questions about how something was made, or would like more details about a project, please reach out to us.

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