Construction date: January 2018

Development Cost: ~120.00 dollars (in parts)

Time to build: ~3 hours

Status: Finished – looking into PCB carrier boards and adding features



AI Core –

This was an idea I had to create a processor core that could be swapped out for a new improved version or if the module had failed. The benefit is that the carrier board would not need to be updated on the system. The robot or machine could simply be upgraded in under a minute to a newer and faster brain/CPU module. Imagine if someone built a robot, wired up all the sensors, and motor connections to a carrier board. Now after some time the builder would like a bit more horse power to process audio or video on-board. They would simply buy a newer upgraded AI core and swap it in to the carrier board. No need to swap out connections or the carrier board.

To this end I wanted to create something that would have a strong mechanical and electrical connection without “reinventing the wheel” per say on the connection. Though research of what was and is available, I chose to go with a 9 pin ceramic vacuum tube socket. These are normal very easy to find and have the attributes I needed. The core also needed to have a unique look to it that could be easily recognized as a “Second Robotics AI Core”.  As I only had 9 lines available, I use power and data bus lines like SPI and  I²C.

Below is a slideshow of some concept drawings, CAD and the final construction of the prototype.


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