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Recent news about what I have been up too

I have over the past months been setting up my electronics lab in the basement of my house this has included building a wall. Below are some of the pictures of this.

I have also been saving up money to go buy a nice 3D printer to go along with my robotics projects. The one that I have been most interested in is the Ultimaker².  Its rather expensive at 2,600 USD though with the refined looks and almost perfect prints out of the box this looks to be the one that I will be getting. I’m very interested to jump head first into 3D printing as I believe in the next few years there is going to me a very large market for them. 3D printers if you have not read up on them print by the means of extracting plastic though a heated nozzle. The then build up the object one layer at a time. The layer thickness is how detailed the printer can print and the Ultimaker² can even print down to the 20 micron level. This is about the thickness of card stock. This process take hours to produce a part, but in the end you have a usable plastic part that literately pops off the build platform.


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