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In this page I will explain a bit more about what Sophie is for and some design aspects.

Sub-goals include:

  1. Open and remove items from the fridge and bring them to a person located in another room of the house.
  2. Find and use either a charging dock or plug into normal household power to charge the main battery pack.
  3. Pick up random items off the floor and drop off in a designated box.
  4. Long battery life over 8 hours on a full charge.
  5. Able to help carry items from one area of the house to the other
  6. Easily navigate in a typical household using localization.

One of the goals for Sophie is to easily navigate in a typical household using localization.  This includes a using a powerful Lidar to help create a map for the robot and see objects that are in its way.  This will just be one of many sensors used on the robot to achieve this goal.



The power system of the robot will be based on lightweight Lithium Batteries (LiPO). The robot will consist of approx 24 Ah of power at 36volts. This will be reassessed as the computers and additional hardware is purchased to keep the run time above three-four hours.  The weight of these batteries is about less then half the weight compared to a lead acid with the same capacity.



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