555 Timer Badge Kit


This 555 SMT kit will allow you to learn how to solder surface mount (SMT) parts to a board and have a flashing wearable LED badge after you complete it. A easy to follow how-to guide is available here. (Link)



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Tools Required:

  1. A soldering iron
  2. Solder
  3. Desoldering braid

Optional equipment:

  1. A flux pen
  2. A PCB vise



I got the board back and noticed a few issues, The manufacturer did not create the trace between pin 2 of the 555 and capacitor 1. Also the badge needed low voltage 555 timers to work properly. I’m also dropping one of the LED’s and just having two on the board. After looking over the prototype board I made a lot of changes to the board in Eagle.

A interactive circuit for the board is below. You will need to click the switch next to the battery once you start the simulation.

Want to see more interactive circuits like this go here.