This page was created to explain more in detail of certain areas of the build that I though may be helpful to other people constructing similar robots.

Notable details I have used on the build so far.

  1. The Jetson computer has been mounted with hex head nuts and bolts though I have placed a piece of RC silicone fuel tubing in place of a hard plastic standoff for vibration protection.
  2. The power control board has been mounted to the underneath of the top plate to save space and also has a 10 Amp marine circuit breaker instead of a fuse.
  3. The battery has been mounted with standard 6-32 threaded rod and rubber inserts to hold the battery securely in place. (even if the robot tips over or upside down)
  4. All of the yellow connectors are rated for 65 Amps which is a bit overkill, however they are polarized and are have easy to solder connections.
  5. You can charge the battery without needing to unplug it or remove it from the base

Below is a slideshow with the current progression of the base.

[slideshow_deploy id=’1193′]


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