Alfred the butler bot

Construction date: February ‎3, ‎2011 – June 8, 2011 DSC03475

Cost: ~2,000 dollars (including cost of laptop)

Time to build: 30 hours

Status: Completed

I wanted to build a robot butler so I set out to create something useful I ended up with a robot that can pump wine into a glass once it detected one, though I did not stop there I added a on board 50 Watt TEC mini fridge to keep the temperature of the wine down as It served it. Though that’s when I started getting into trouble with the battery life with the fridge on the main battery pack will last about 40 mins.  I use a solid state dual relay control board to switch on the TEC and the pump.  For higher lvl processing there is a sony viao on the top level doing vision processing with RoboRealm.

DSC03483It has a on board 5 port usb hub that is powered by a DC to DC converter off the main battery pack this allows the robot to play music though on board speakers when a laptop is not available or to simple be a charger for mobile devices.




Below is a site where I posted a lot of information about the build of the robot. Including code and lots of pictures


Here is a video of the robot serving some tea at a LAN party I was hosting a while back. Enjoy!

Drink pouring system(on board TEC chiller)
Pandora radio
charging system for I-pod or phone(anything that uses usb to charge)
on board robo-realm navigation and higher lvl processing
5 volt DC-DC converter

Future upgrades:DSC03464

bigger battery pack for longer run time
sensor’s and lots of em so that the base can navigate with out the laptop if needed
remote docking to charge