The Eco One

Construction date: July 27th 2015 – Unknown The Eco One Bamboo shell

Cost: 750 dollars~

Time to build: 2 months estimated

Status: Part procurement


Brief Description:

This is a page to record the progress on an interesting concept computer. I have noticed the trend that computers are getting smaller and thinner. The thing is, when a computer is smaller, the developers start sacrificing so much. This computer was designed to give a shout-out to computers of the past. I wanted a computer that is Eco friendly, portable, and has the I/O I need without adapters. Therefore, I present the Eco One, powered by Nvidia Tegra. This is a sustainable supercomputer for on-the-go users.

Design Details:

The entire case will be made with eco friendly 1/8 inch bamboo plywood. The processor will be the Tegra K1 chip on the Jetson development board. I have added a 10 inch IPS panel with a adjustable angle. The battery pack will be a custom Samsung Li-Ion cell 18650 14.8V 6400mAh Rechargeable Battery Pack w/ PCB Protection. This should give the computer a very long run time. The computer will have an Apple keyboard and mouse that can be stored within the case. The computer will have a fabric/leather strap built in to carry it. The screen will use a magnetic Apple Ipad cover to protect it. This will be designed to be carried without the need of additional accessories, or a bag to store it in.

Current Features

  • Powered by the incredibly advanced Nvidia Jetson Tegra K1
  • A light and environment friendly bamboo casing
  • Built in Li-ion Battery pack (18650 cells 14.8V 6400mAh)
  • The full sized Apple keyboard and mouse will fit in the chassis
  • Internal step up/step down DC to DC converters (~ 90 percent efficient)
  • Built in carrying handle
  • Ubuntu 12.04


For the most part, I’m looking for a flexible computer that I could take with me on the job and out and about. This computer would allow me to code, surf the internet, write, and play some games.  All with a full size island keyboard and mouse. Since the computer is open source I would not need to worry about bloatware and could load a fresh copy of Ubuntu 12.04.

A link to Dropbox folder with all associated files.